Wrapped in the Cloud: A Digital Collaboration


Image Credit: From Wrapped in the Cloud, Meghann O’Brien, 2018. Produced in collaboration with Conrad Sly, Hannah Turner, Reese Muntean, and Kate Hennessy.

I am happy to share some of the collaboration I’ve been working on with Meghann O’Brien (Jaad Kuujus), Conrad Sly, and Kate Hennessy at the Making Culture Lab at SFU. Over the past 6 months, we have been working to digitize (through 3D scanning and photogrammetry), Meghann O’Brien’s weaving, Sky Blanket, as a media installation on a touring exhibit called BoarderX, curated by Jaimie Isaac.

WireFrame Close-up, Wrapped in the Cloud, 2018, Meghann O’Brien, Conrad Sly, Kate Hennessy, Hannah Turner.

Read more about the process, and more about Meghann’s work on the Making Culture Lab’s site.

You can see Wrapped in the Cloud on exhibit at The Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, and it will be touring elsewhere in Canada throughout 2019/2020.


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